Drama,Romance,Thriller   United States of America

In the movie Possessed, the dazed woman, named Sarah, is initially portrayed as lost and aimlessly wandering through the busy streets of Los Angeles. She frantically calls out for a man named David, implying a desperate search. Despite her determination, Sarah appears confused and disoriented, which catches the attention of the people around her.

Exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, Sarah eventually collapses in a diner. Concerned onlookers rush to her aid and immediately call for an ambulance. She is then transported to the psychiatric ward of a nearby hospital, where doctors and nurses try to assess her condition. Sarah's mental state becomes the primary focus for the medical professionals, as they attempt to understand the root cause of her confusion and obsession.

Interwoven with Sarah's present storyline are flashbacks that reveal her troubled past and the origins of her infatuation with David. It becomes apparent that Sarah suffers from borderline personality disorder, a mental illness characterized by extreme emotional instability and an intense fear of abandonment.

As the film delves deeper into Sarah's past, the audience learns about her tumultuous relationship with David. He was the one stable force in her life, providing a sense of comfort and security she desperately craved. However, their relationship soon becomes toxic and dysfunctional due to Sarah's unhealthy attachment and erratic behavior.

Driven by her BPD, Sarah's obsession with David escalates to dangerous levels. Consumed by jealousy and paranoia, she spirals into a dark and twisted mindset. As her mental state deteriorates, Sarah's thoughts turn to murder, viewing it as the only way to possess David completely.

With her fixation on David intensifying, Sarah begins plotting his demise, meticulously planning each step to ensure her perceived victory in their twisted love affair. The film builds suspense as Sarah's erratic behavior makes it increasingly difficult to differentiate between reality and her distorted perception of events.

The climax of Possessed culminates in a chilling and shocking twist, as Sarah's plan to murder David is set in motion. The consequences of her borderline personality disorder reach their horrifying peak, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering how far Sarah will go to achieve her twisted desires.

Ultimately, the movie delves into the dark depths of Sarah's mind and explores the devastating impact of mental illness on her life and those around her. Possessed serves as a chilling exploration of the blurred lines between love, obsession, and the harrowing consequences of untreated borderline personality disorder.
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