Documentary   United States of America

The film follows a group of diverse and passionate individuals who are undergoing training to become volunteer crisis hotline operators. As they complete their training and begin to take calls, they are confronted with the intense and emotional experiences of individuals contemplating suicide.

Through their interactions with callers, the trainees grapple with their own emotional responses and thoughts about mental health, suicide, and the power of empathy. They confront their own personal biases and fears while learning to provide non-judgmental support and active listening to those in crisis.

The film also delves into the personal lives of the trainees, exploring their motivations for becoming volunteers and the impact that their work has on their own mental health and relationships. As they navigate the challenges and rewards of the job, the trainees form a tight-knit community and support network within their training group.

The Listeners portrays the intense and emotionally draining nature of suicide prevention work, while also shining a light on the life-saving impact of empathy and understanding. The film ultimately emphasizes the importance of mental health awareness and the value of volunteerism in supporting individuals in crisis.
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