Documentary,Music,TV Movie   United States of America

The movie delves deep into Jelly Roll's personal journey, exploring his struggles with addiction, mental health, and the challenges he has faced on the road to success. Through interviews with his family, friends, and collaborators, viewers gain insight into the man behind the music and the demons he has battled along the way.

As Jelly Roll prepares for his biggest performance yet, the pressure mounts and he must confront his own insecurities and fears. Through intimate backstage moments and candid conversations, the audience gets a glimpse of the vulnerability and passion that drives Jelly Roll to keep pushing forward in his career.

The film also sheds light on Jelly Roll's commitment to giving back to his community, showcasing his work with at-risk youth and his dedication to using his platform for positive change. His visit to the juvenile detention facility is a powerful moment in the film, as he opens up about his own struggles and offers hope to those who may be facing similar challenges.

Overall, "Jelly Roll: Save Me" is a raw and emotional look at the highs and lows of Jelly Roll's life, showcasing his resilience, talent, and unwavering determination to overcome his past and inspire others through his music and actions.
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