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The Women and the Murderer is a gripping true-crime documentary that delves into the story behind the capture of notorious French serial killer Guy Georges. The film primarily focuses on the efforts of two women who played pivotal roles in bringing Georges to justice.

The documentary starts by introducing viewers to Chief Hélène Barthelemy, a dedicated and resolute police officer. Hélène, along with her colleagues, realizes that a dangerous serial killer is on the loose in Paris, targeting young women. Despite numerous challenges and the skepticism of her colleagues, Hélène becomes determined to stop the perpetrator and ensure justice for the victims and their families.

At the same time, the film delves into the story of Elisabeth Ortega, the mother of one of Guy Georges' victims. Elisabeth's daughter, Pascale, was brutally murdered by Georges, leaving her devastated and desperate for answers. Her grief fuels Elisabeth's resilience and determination to find the person responsible for her daughter's death. She joins forces with Hélène, establishing a powerful alliance that will ultimately lead to Georges' capture.

The documentary takes the audience through the tireless efforts of Hélène and Elisabeth as they pour over evidence, interview witnesses, and conduct exhaustive investigations. As they navigate the labyrinthine world of criminal profiling, they piece together clues and patterns that eventually point them towards Georges.

Throughout the film, interviews with Hélène, Elisabeth, and other key figures in the investigation provide a deeper understanding of the emotional toll the case takes on everyone involved. The documentary also sheds light on the societal issues surrounding the investigation, including problems related to bureaucracy and gender bias within law enforcement.

The tension escalates as Hélène and Elisabeth get closer to Georges, facing numerous setbacks and near-misses. However, their perseverance ultimately pays off when they finally apprehend the serial killer, enabling closure for the victims' families and delivering justice for all the lives he devastated.

"The Women and the Murderer" not only portrays the harrowing journey of capturing a serial killer, but also highlights the strength and resilience of the two women who refuse to let their loved ones be forgotten. The documentary explores the emotional impact of their work, the challenges they face, and the extraordinary strength they exhibit in their pursuit of justice.
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