Drama   United States of America

Based on a true story, Chattahoochee follows the life of Korean War veteran Chris Calhoun, who suffers a breakdown and is incarcerated in a harsh mental health prison in Florida in 1955. As he witnesses the horrific treatment of patients at the facility, including abuse and neglect, Chris becomes determined to expose the mistreatment and fight for the rights of the inmates.

Despite facing considerable challenges and resistance, Chris reaches out for help from his fellow inmates and gains the support of his wife and a compassionate nurse. Together, they work to bring attention to the inhumane conditions at the prison, ultimately sparking a public outcry and a legal battle to bring about change.

The film delves into the struggles and triumphs of Chris as he battles the system and the abuse in the mental health facility, ultimately shedding light on the importance of mental health advocacy and reform. It highlights the resilience and courage of those who fight for justice and the rights of the marginalized, while also depicting the impact of the Korean War on veterans and their mental well-being.
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