Drama,Family   United Kingdom

In the movie "Dear Frankie," Frankie, a nine-year-old boy, and his single mother, Lizzie, have been constantly moving from place to place. Lizzie has been trying to protect Frankie from the truth that they are on the run from his abusive father. To shield Frankie from the reality of their situation, Lizzie has fabricated a story that his father is away at sea on the HMS Accra.

Lizzie goes to great lengths to maintain the illusion, regularly writing make-believe letters from Frankie's father, describing his adventures in faraway lands. Frankie eagerly tracks the ship's progress on a map, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the HMS Accra in his hometown.

However, as fate would have it, the real HMS Accra is scheduled to dock in their small seaside Scottish town in just two weeks. Now, Lizzie finds herself faced with a difficult decision: should she finally reveal the truth to Frankie or find someone to play the role of his father for a day?

In a desperate attempt to preserve Frankie's happiness and protect him from disappointment, Lizzie embarks on a quest to find a stranger who can pretend to be Frankie's father for that one crucial day. Along the way, she meets a kind and compassionate man named Mac, who agrees to play the role.

As the day approaches, Lizzie and Mac work together to create an elaborate plan to make Frankie believe that his father has returned. They arrange for Mac to meet Frankie, and they spend the day together, creating memories and forging a connection.

Throughout the course of this heartwarming story, Lizzie navigates the delicate balance between protecting her son and coming to terms with her own past. "Dear Frankie" explores themes of family, love, and the lengths we go to protect the ones we care about.
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