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"The Departure" is a documentary film that follows the life of Ittetsu Nemoto, an intriguing character who was once a rebelling punk rocker in Japan but later transformed into a Buddhist priest. Nemoto has gained fame and respect in his community for his compassionate and wise counsel, which has helped many suicidal individuals find a reason to continue living.

As the film delves deeper into Nemoto's life, it reveals that he is approaching middle-age and has a wife and young son. However, amid his responsibilities as a priest and his dedication to saving others, Nemoto discovers that he is facing a life-threatening condition: heart disease.

The heavy emotional burden of supporting those who no longer wish to live takes a toll on Nemoto's health. The film explores the profound inner conflict he experiences as he realizes the potential consequences of sacrificing himself to save others. While his altruistic actions have made a significant impact on the lives of many, Nemoto now faces the challenge of finding the strength and resilience to prioritize his own well-being.

"The Departure" provides an intimate character study of Ittetsu Nemoto as he grapples with this existential dilemma. It offers a deeper understanding of the complexities of his role and the emotional toll it takes on his own life. The film explores themes of self-sacrifice, resilience, and the importance of seeking personal happiness and fulfillment while dedicating oneself to helping others.
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