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The movie Framing John DeLorean is a unique blend of documentary and dramatized scenes, offering a comprehensive look into the life of John DeLorean, an influential yet controversial figure in the automobile industry.

The film delves into DeLorean's early career at General Motors (GM), where he quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the top executives in the company. Known for his innovative ideas and charismatic personality, DeLorean was seen as a rising star in the automotive world. However, his desire for independence and creative freedom clashed with the rigid corporate structure at GM, leading him to resign and establish his own car company.

The narrative explores DeLorean's ambitious endeavor to create the iconic "DeLorean DMC-12," a futuristic sports car that would capture the imagination of the public. With its stainless steel body and distinctive gull-wing doors, the DeLorean became an instant cultural icon, forever associated with the Back to the Future film franchise.

However, the movie does not shy away from the darker aspects of DeLorean's life and career. It delves into his controversial business practices, including his involvement in drug trafficking to secure funding for his company. The movie also highlights DeLorean's personal life, specifically his tumultuous relationships and the impact they had on him both professionally and personally.

The documentary aspect of the film includes interviews with former colleagues, business partners, family members, and journalists who covered DeLorean's rise and fall. These real-life accounts provide invaluable insights and perspectives on DeLorean's personality, motivations, and the events that ultimately led to his downfall.

The dramatized scenes, featuring acclaimed actor Alec Baldwin in the role of John DeLorean, bring key moments of the automaker's life to the screen. These scenes aim to capture the essence of DeLorean's character and provide a more intimate understanding of his actions and decisions.

Framing John DeLorean not only explores the extraordinary rise and dramatic fall of one man but also serves as a reflection on the complex nature of ambition, innovation, and the pursuit of success in the highly competitive automotive industry.
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