Comedy,Romance   United States of America

The movie "Guess Who" follows the story of Theresa, an African-American woman, who brings her white fiancé, Simon, home to meet her family. Simon's arrival causes tension, as Theresa's father, Percy, is taken aback and skeptical of her choice in a partner.

Throughout the movie, Percy grapples with his own biases and prejudices against Simon, leading to comedic and dramatic confrontations. As the wedding approaches, tensions reach a breaking point, forcing Percy to confront his feelings and come to terms with the idea of Simon becoming a part of his family.

The film explores themes of race, acceptance, and the complexities of interracial relationships, while also incorporating humor and heartwarming moments. Ultimately, "Guess Who" showcases the growth and understanding that can come from challenging preconceived notions and learning to embrace love and diversity.
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